Cremation Services

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General Price List

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Basic Direct Cremation- $1,255.00* 

Our “no frills” direct cremation package, for those that don’t want or cannot afford a more elaborate funeral service. This package includes the removal of the deceased to the funeral home, holding of the remains in our owner occupied facility for the required 48 hours, alternative container, transport to the crematory, medical examiner fee, burial permit, Social Security notification, completion and filing of the death certificate, and the crematory fee.

 In keeping with our 90 year history of treating out families with the respect and dignity they deserve, all of our removals and transports of human remains are done with a Cadillac hearse, never a minivan or station wagon. We do not do “bulk transfers” to the crematory, only one person at a time. Our drivers always wear suits and ties, even for removals in the middle of the night, and generally arrive within an hour of our getting the call.

*This package is available ONLY for deaths that occur in Androscoggin County.


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